Writing Lab videos: Bitesize Tutorials

Writing Lab videos: Bitesize Tutorials

Welcome to WritingLab shorts- a service in which I provide short videos to help you with your IELTS preparation.

  • The videos are wide ranging and I focus on the micro and the macro.
  • The aim is to create short videos that you can easily fit into your busy day, and gain useful information in a quick, bitesize manner.
  • Each video will be different as they tackle a particular part of each of the four exams.

If you have any questions, would like a video on something specific, or want to speak with me about your IELTS exam, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Video 1- How to understand an essay question

Video 2- How to use realistic examples in your essay

Video 3- How to plan for Task 1 Academic paper

Video 4- How to generate ideas for your essay question

Video 5- How to know your thesis statement from your outline statement

Video 6- How to use topic specific language

Video 7- Mastering fluency in your IELTS speaking exam

Video 8- Academic- Writing Task 1

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