Online IELTS tutoring

Online IELTS tutoring

My philosophy is:

Buy 3 With Me

The idea behind this is that we can all commit to three tutoring sessions.

Why Buy 3 With Me?

  1. Three lessons is an easy commitment to make
  2. You get to have three lessons where you have free reign to ask any questions
  3. Your three lessons represent a maturity towards your studies- you want to do well and you are taking action to guarantee this
  4. You can choose when you have these three lessons
  5. You can decide what you want to focus on
  6. You get to have a professional teacher and native English speaker focus on your English language skills
  7. There is no pressure to continue with more lessons, just the commitment to three (if you would like more tuition, this is of course possible)

Work with Emma and boost your IELTS success!

Buy 3 With Me means you are buying three lessons from the get go. You are making a commitment to your studies and taking action to pass your IELTS test.

Buy 3 With Me

Why book with me?

  1. Expert Guidance: Work with a former English teacher with in-depth knowledge of the IELTS test format and strategies.
  2. Comprehensive Assessment: Receive evaluations per lesson to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Speaking Practice: One-on-one speaking practice sessions to enhance fluency and pronunciation.
  4. Writing Feedback: Constructive feedback on your writing tasks to improve coherence and vocabulary.
  5. Reading Strategies: Techniques to efficiently tackle various question types in the reading section.
  6. Exam Simulation: Simulated practice tests to help you manage time and assess your readiness.
  7. Task-Specific Training: Targeted training for specific task types in each section of the exam.

Want to spend a bit of time meeting Emma before going ahead with bookings? No problem!

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