General Reading Practice- Choosing a title

General Reading Practice- Choosing a title

For this IELTS task, you choose the most appropriate title from a list, to match with specific parts of the text.

Main skills:

  • Being able to skim read
  • Being able to scan for information
  • Being able to make connections between vocabulary from title to paragraph
  • Being able to summarise the main idea of each paragraph
  • Being able to make the right judgement between synonyms
  • Being able to differentiate between ideas to decide whether it is important to the task itself (there will be information that is superfluous, and not necessarily needed for the question)


  • Look at the different titles to get a gist of what they might be about
  • Pay attention to how paragraphs start and close
  • Practice skim reading so you can read the text quickly
  • Practice scan reading so you can identify ideas rooted within the title

Use the example I created below whilst studying for my CELTA qualification, and practice choosing your title:

To read the full article, use this link:

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