IELTS Essay Structure

IELTS Essay Structure

This post covers the structure for IELTS essay writing Task 2 (Academic)

I wanted to revisit the structure and make this as clear as possible. By knowing the structure and how to apply it, it sets you up for success. Having the structure etched into your brain also means other focuses like lexical resource and grammar, can really flourish. Simply because the structure is so firmly in place you don't have to actively think about it; it's intuitive.

Practice writing as much as possible to make structure for any IELTS essay, intuitive.

The IELTS Essay Structure

Official IELTS essay structure in relationship with Writing Lab

Previously, I have broken down the essay structure into segments. I am not going to do this here. I have a hunch that seeing it in this format, can make writing the response seem overwhelming and characteristic of more steps than necessary.

I have written a band 8+ and am sharing this below.

The question has been taken from official IELTS test material.

Opinion Essay Sample (Academic)
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