IELTS essay marking

Hi, I'm Emma and I created the Writing Lab to help students pass their IELTS exam.

Things you can typically find in my blogs are;

  • Model answers
  • Sample questions
  • Free resources
  • Exam strategies
  • Planning strategies
  • Feedback examples

I want to help you achieve the IELTS grade you need so that you can progress onto the next professional, educational or geographical milestone in your life.

Relevant credentials

Online tutoring

How can you help me prepare for my IELTS?  

1- Initial free consultation

Your first session is a free 15 minute call to discuss what you need from your IELTS prep- book a free introductory call

2- Essay Marking

I offer thorough essay feedback where you receive an analysis of your writing, an overall score as well as auditory commentary to help define what's going well, and what could be better. The way I prefer to do this is;

  1. send me your two essays

2. analysis and scoring can then begin

3. payment is made

4. essay is returned to you with thorough analysis

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3- One-to-one support

If you desire a one-to-one session, or a bundle of these, you are free to book. Each session costs $30 for 45 minutes. I tailor these sessions to your needs, whilst I believe using exam material is key to being as prepared as possible. These will be recorded so you can re-watch them and go over anything you feel you need to.

4- Live Q&A

On the first of every two months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov), I host a free online Q&A about the IELTS exam. This is an open space for anyone preparing for their IELTS. All questions and queries welcome.