IELTS Essay Checker

Why use the Writing Lab IELTS essay checker?

The IELTS essay checker is a tool to help you understand what IELTS grade you are currently working at. The AI data-driven tool marks your IELTS essay and gives you a score, so you are aware of not only what level you are at, but the areas you need to improve on.

Uploading your work into our IELTS essay checker is a no-brainer. Why wouldn't you want to know what level you are working at?

The truth is- the writing test is challenging. Your writing needs to meet the IELTS standards. Using an essay checker allows you to assess the quality of your writing. Equipping yourself with this knowledge means one thing- your writing will improve.

Easy reasons why you should use our IELTS essay checker:

  • It is a free tool that helps to define where you are doing well, and areas you are not doing as well in
  • It is AI-driven and produces attention-to-detail feedback
  • The AI-driven process means you receive your essay instantly
  • It is a supplementary tool that is part of your wider IELTS preparation
  • It allows you to practice under timed conditions which is another skill for the IELTS test
  • It helps you to learn from your mistakes- whether that be spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, word order. Learn from your mistakes and avoid making them in the future

How to make the essay checker have lasting impact

The essay checker itself is a quick tool to use. You paste your work in, then get your feedback. However, to get the best from this tool and to ensure you are constantly improving, and reaching those Band 8+ scores- it isn't a one time tool.

The real value in this tool is seen in two dominant ways:

  1. When you get your feedback and understand where you went wrong, make note of this in your notebook and make sure you provide yourself with an actionable learning moment. Be active in your learning.


Instead of passively reading the feedback, take down notes and understand specifically where you went wrong. This is the difference between passive and active learning.

  1. Keep using the essay checker. Each time you write an essay, after having actively responding to it, input another version or a different essay. You want to see yourself score better overtime. If you are improving marginally, don't be discouraged. Keep going and see your scores climb.

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