Who is Emma and what is the Writing Lab?

Hi! I'm Emma and I created the Writing Lab to help students pass their IELTS exam.

The Writing Lab fuses together my expertise as a qualified English teacher, and my passion for writing.

I am a qualified secondary school teacher from the UK, where I studied my PGCE at UCL and went onto become an English teacher. Some years later, I wanted to get into the ESL world and teach English as a language.

I gained my CELTA qualification and began teaching students online from all over the world. Being a native English speaker, a trained English teacher, a graduate in English Language & Literature, and someone with a CELTA qualification, allows me to teach with expertise, confidence and in-depth knowledge.

I really enjoy creating content around the IELTS exam and being part of the preparation that students embark on for their IELTS. I consistently produce blog articles that meticulously go through a specific task and am working on other initiatives to make one's IELTS prep, as accessible and interesting as possible.

I hope you find my articles useful and it becomes a regular part of your practice. I encourage you to keep up to date with my new learning materials and other content. If you would like a conversation at any time, I am here to help and would love to meet you.